Unlocking Value: Adverra Program Pricing for Enhanced Online Marketing


In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, Adverra’s August 2566 program pricing update brings a range of innovative solutions to the forefront. With a trio of distinct programs tailored to various operational systems, Adverra aims to empower businesses with effective tools for online marketing and chatbot interactions.

1. Adverra Blue Program: Online Marketing Mastery
Adverra’s “Blue” program shines as a dynamic online marketing tool focused on harnessing the power of Facebook. Its feature-rich capabilities include broadcasting messages to customers across multiple platforms, be it through inbox, Facebook pages, or Line OA. The program’s prowess extends to extracting valuable phone numbers from post comments, enabling the creation of Lookalike audiences for targeted campaigns.

Additionally, the ability to post across groups, profiles, and fan pages enhances the reach of your marketing efforts. Its automated comment reply system ensures prompt responses, directly engaging potential customers. With over 30 supplementary functions, the Adverra Blue Program becomes a comprehensive toolkit for online marketing endeavors.

2. Adverrasale Back-End System + Adverrachatbot Chatbot Integration
The synergy of the Adverrasale Back-End System and the Adverrachatbot Chatbot promises streamlined operations. Seamlessly connecting with various delivery services, the system simplifies tracking and management. Bulk retrieval of tracking numbers for multiple shipments streamlines logistics processes.

Moreover, the chatbot integration simplifies customer interactions. The automated extraction of address data from chat messages eliminates customer input, reducing friction and enhancing the user experience. With pricing plans varying based on the number of connected fan pages, businesses can tailor their investment to their scale.

3. Adverra Chatbot: Enhancing Facebook Conversations
Adverra’s Chatbot takes center stage, enhancing Facebook interactions through its dynamic capabilities. Enabling responses in page inboxes for both users and admins, it empowers businesses to engage seamlessly. Scheduled response times and multiple responses per keyword allow for efficient customer interactions. Furthermore, configuring responses to be directed to admins ensures no query goes unnoticed.

With pricing options catering to various durations and fan page limits, businesses can choose the plan that aligns with their needs. The lifetime package offers unlimited potential, allowing businesses to harness the benefits of chatbot interactions without constraints.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Adverra’s suite of programs in August 2566 serves as a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation. With diverse pricing options, businesses can choose the package that suits their objectives, be it elevating online marketing strategies or enhancing customer interactions through chatbot integration. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore these cutting-edge solutions and stay ahead in the digital realm.

📌 Adverra’s Program Pricing Update for All Systems in August 2566

Adverra offers three different programs, each catering to various operational systems. The prices differ based on the functionalities they provide.

💙 1. Adverra Blue Program: Online marketing program for Facebook.
✅ Broadcast messages to customers in inbox, Facebook page, and Line OA with no limits.
✅ Extract phone numbers from comments on posts to create Lookalike audiences.
✅ Post to groups, profiles, and fan pages.
✅ Comment reply system that directs messages to the inbox.
✅ More than 30 additional features including friend requests, etc.

📢 Pricing:

2 months: 300 THB (Limited: Comment reply to inbox, 5 fan pages)
4 months: 550 THB (Limited: Comment reply to inbox, 5 fan pages)
1 year: 999 THB (Limited: Comment reply to inbox, 7 fan pages, Broadcast and phone number extraction up to 15 devices)
Lifetime: 2,000 THB (Limited: Comment reply to inbox, 10 fan pages, Broadcast and phone number extraction up to 20 devices)
Lifetime Unlimited: 15,000 THB (All features without limitations)
❤ 2. Adverrasale Back-End System (Pink) + Adverrachatbot Chatbot System (Purple)

Integrates with various delivery services (Flash, J&T, Ninja Van, etc.).
Bulk tracking number retrieval for up to 100 shipments at once.
Automatic address data extraction from chat messages.
Pricing varies based on the number of connected fan pages.
📢 Pricing:

1 month: 700 THB (1 fan page)
3 months: 1,850 THB (3 fan pages)
6 months: 3,500 THB (5 fan pages)
1 year: 5,500 THB (10 fan pages)
Lifetime: 50,000 THB (30 fan pages)
💜 3. Adverra Chatbot (Purple): Facebook chatbot system.
✅ Set chat responses in page inbox for users and admins.
✅ Schedule response times, set time ranges.
✅ Set multiple responses per keyword (up to 15).
✅ Configure responses to be sent to admin.

📢 Pricing:

1 month: 200 THB (1 fan page)
3 months: 300 THB (3 fan pages)
1 year: 999 THB (10 fan pages)
Lifetime: 7,999 THB (10 fan pages, limited to 100 customers)
Please note that the information above is based on the provided text and may be subject to changes or updates.